RemotAir® Artificial Intelligence system based on the following fundamental elements:

Cloud-based Artificial Intelligence core with machine learning capabilities

The AI system learns from experience and carries out predictive analyzes on HVAC system hygiene and operating conditions. Evolving phenomena potentially hazardous for human health are predicted, identified and controlled over time.

Reliable and refined sensor

The product of over twenty years of technical expertise, specific field-testing and air quality research, the sensor monitors the system’s complete range of operating variables.

Fuzzy Logic based software architecture

Special algorithms, researched and tested for over five years by Alisea’s air systems hygienists, analyse variables from system-installed sensors and the interactions between those variables.

Sophisticated Artificial Vision system

The system estimates the amount of dust deposited (in g/sqm) on the HVAC system’s interior surfaces, analyzing images over time to assess contamination development.

Real-time online availability of all data

A multi-platform internet portal makes data available via PC, tablet and smartphone.

Simple installation and configuration

No specific electronics skills are needed to install or configure the system.
With RemotAir® you can:
Remotely monitor the hygiene of HVAC systems, observing real-time conditions inside Air Handling Units and air ducts. RemotAir® is also set up to automatically record high resolution digital images of the inside of the systems, once or several times a day, thus creating an extensive photographic library of the evolution of any contamination over time.
Continuously monitor dust deposited on the surfaces of air ducts over time receiving warning notifications if detected levels approach the threshold value indicated by standard NADCA ACR 2013 (0.75 g/m2).
Remotely and continuously monitor emerging risk factors for microbiological contamination, 3. receiving warning notifications if risk conditions occur. This feature will soon be extended to include the possibility of continuously monitoring the spread of moulds over time, with warning notifications when close to ‘Condition 3’ of Standard NADCA ACR 2013.
Continuously monitor the conditions of Air Handling Unit filters over time, receiving notifications when they need to be replaced. This means that filters can be replaced only when really needed, thus optimizing costs while preventing blockages and damage to filtering sections. At an advanced stage of development is also a new feature that automatically checks that the right filter has been installed and that it has never been used before.
Continuously monitor the conditions and efficiency of heat exchanger coils over time, 5. remotely observing any fouling and receiving warning notifications when they need to be cleaned. This allows optimization of the energy efficiency of the heat exchangers, and monitoring of energy savings connected to the cleaning of the equipment, as indicated in the NADCA White Paper on Restoring Energy Efficiency Through HVAC Air Distribution System Cleaning.
Continuously monitor the quality of delivered air over time, 6. detecting the amount of airborne dust and recording the main chemical, physical and microclimatic factors. RemotAir® has been specially designed to accommodate most sensors on the market, in order to fulfil any specific need. RemotAir® can also be used to analyze differences between the outdoor environment, the inside of HVAC systems and the indoor environment.
Remotely monitor the efficient operation of a wide range of active sanitation devices, receiving warning notifications in the event of any anomalies or faults.
Remotely monitor maintenance processes, verifying the fulfilment of works specifications, contract requirements, deadlines and process effectiveness.

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