Providing remote control and monitoring of air treatment system hygiene conditions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, RemotAir® offers great advantages in terms of health, legal protection and costs:
  • Potentially hazardous phenomena are immediately recorded and reported to Alisea’s Operations Centre, and to all parties indicated by the customer, so that the most opportune corrective actions can be promptly taken.

  • The Air Risk Assessment Document and associated Management Plan feature continuous recording of the development of contamination over time, not just a static image of the system taken once every twelve months. For air treatment hygiene management, this is of paramount importance for demonstrating full compliance with the law and the exemption of all civil and criminal liability.

  • From a multi-year perspective, RemotAir® allows precise traceability of recontamination times for all individual system devices, not only accurately recording the reformation of contamination in the various parts of the system, but also carrying out predictive analyses on its future reoccurrence. This allows effective predictive maintenance scheduling and the realistic budgeting of management costs.

  • The RemotAir® system allows you to perform physical inspections only when necessary. This is because, according to the rationale of current regulations, continuous monitoring allows you to verify with certainty the contamination time of a system and postpone intervention until alert thresholds are reached. In other words, the system does replace direct intervention by a specialized technician, but allows you to reduce such interventions to when they are really necessary.

  • The system then allows you to remotely check whether routine maintenance actions, such as the replacement of filters, have been carried out correctly according to schedule. RemotAir’s Artificial Intelligence system cross references specifications with data from installed sensors to verify, in real time, whether the actions have been performed and with what results.

RemotAir’s Artificial Intelligence is like having an air systems hygienist always at your disposal, to fully analyse the hygiene of your air treatment system and intervene promptly in case of any need, guaranteeing workplace health and safety and providing a greater degree of legal protection.